Fortresses and Treasures of Roman Wales

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Author  Sarah Symons
Publisher  DB Publishing
Publication Date   January 7, 2012
ISBN  1780911025
Pages  192

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Details of all the fortresses built in Roman Wales during the 1st century, including all the excavations that have brought these once powerful structures back to life, giving us information as to how they functioned and how the soldiers lived. Their foundations have shown us how large they were and where they were placed. We even know what colour some of their internal walls were. We also know how the soldiers spent their leisure hours and what games they played. The soldiers were provided with luxurious bathing facilities even in remote areas, and the remains of these once splendid buildings can still be seen at Caerleon, and Wroxeter (now Shropshire). The book also tells how little communities sprung up outside the fortresses' walls, with the soldiers trading with the local people and, in some cases, marrying and deciding to retire in the locality.This title offers a fascinating delve into Roman Wales providing a unique glimpse back into time. It features photographs and illustrations from excavations.

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