The Roman Remains of Brittany, Normandy and...


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Author  James Bromwich
Publisher  FastPrint Publishing
Publication Date   March 7, 2014
ISBN  1780356625
Pages  329


The Roman Remains of Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley is the third in a series of companion guides. The only specialist guidebook to the region, it provides context to many sites that deserve to be better known, some only recently conserved for the public. There are plenty of places to chose from: fifty-four treated at length plus fourteen shorter entries. There is an extended chapter dealing with the historical background and two feature sections. The book is easy to use as there are a large number of maps, plans and colour photographs. To ensure accuracy, the author personally followed aqueduct routes, visited hidden temples, admired ramparts, and visited all the museums. Through his writing a visit is transformed into an experience.

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