The Land Spoke


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Author  Jody L Harris
Publisher  FriesenPress
Publication Date   August 16, 2011
ISBN  1770679359
Pages  120

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This story is intended to speculate and look deep into the "other realm." The subject matter within this book will touch the topic of ghosts and paranormal activities; philosophy; multi-cultural religion through historical myths and records; quantum physics in relation to the study of condensates; spiritual beliefs founded by psychology; while also touching the topic of anthropology in terms of the history of man. In addition, we will be discussing how all of this is currently connected to a geographical destination that exists today. We will discuss topics that some people believe, and others do not. Some topics may be so fresh and new, difficulty may be found in believing any of it! In any event, the simple idea of all of these ideals coming together is extremely phenomenal and even entertaining - even if you are not a believer. Perhaps it will open new doors and make room for the exchanging of new ideas? Perhaps even you will be affected?" In addition: the main purpose of this book is to prove that angels exist, and separately, that messages are physically appearing in our landscape today that symbolizes the Apocalypse is coming - all with the use of photographic evidence to support these beliefs.

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