World View (Book published June 5, 2019)


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Author  John James Xenakis
Publisher  Xenakis Publishing
Publication Date   June 5, 2019
ISBN  1732738637
Pages  331

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China is like a beautiful child, a helpless child, and you yearn to reach out to help her, so that she can become an equally beautiful adult. But every time you reach out to help her, you get your hand scratched and your face bloodied, and she ends up as helpless as ever.This book describes China's long, monumental history, from ancient dynasties to Confucius to the "Century of Humiliation." It describes China's desire for revenge for Japan's atrocities committed during World War II, and why America must be prepared.About the author: John J. Xenakis is a historian, journalist and analyst and a developer of generational theory, who has written prolifically on geopolitical events, historical analysis, and technology.

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