Alexander & Hephaestion (Book published September 27, 2018)


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Author  Michael Hone
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 27, 2018
ISBN  1727617452
Pages  158

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This is a story of love and devotion that had its origin before the walls of mighty Troy, a thousand years previously, as told in the Iliad, Homer’s epic poem dedicated to Achilles and Patroclus, later enshrined in the lives of Alexander and Hephaestion, Hephaestion at rest at Amphipolis, Alexander at Alexandria, where he lies, to this very day, under unknown sands. The book is a historical work based on witnesses alive during the time of Alexander and Hephaestion--Callisthenes, Theopompus and Demosthenes--as well as those historians who came later--Plutarch, Arrian, Justin among others. Although homoerotic sexuality between Greeks will be fully covered in this book in general, and that between Alexander and Hephaestion in particular, the Sources will always be indicated as proof of no invented eroticism, because what we know about their shared love is amply sufficient. There will be no dissections of Alexander’s battles, as specialists, many with years of military and tactical experience, have written their own books, although no detail of historical significance will be omitted, especially those concerning the interactions of the lives of individuals. Cicero stated that he could make no claim to originality, but that his life’s purpose was to popularize the genius of others. This is exactly my aim in the writing of this book, through the exploration of the narrow window the past offers us. Because I want the book to be read by a large audience, especially the young, I’ve priced the paper edition at the lowest cost permitted by the editors.

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