"A Biography of Constantine I the Great"...


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Author  Dr. William J. Neidinger
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   June 18, 2018
ISBN  172185035X
Pages  58

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LECTURE NOTES TO ACCOMPANY THE 3-LECTURE VIDEO SERIES. Dr. William J. Neidinger has prepared a 3-lecture adult education series on video, “A Biography of Constantine I the Great.” In this series, Dr. Neidinger traces the course of Constantine’s long struggle to secure the position of sole ruler of the Roman Empire, and seeks to answer the question: did Constantine’s actions prolong the life or hasten the death of the Roman Empire? This new volume is a companion to the video series, and comprises lecture notes in outline format. Notes are illustrated with thumbnail color photos, diagrams and maps referenced in the video programs. It is not a stand-alone biography of Constantine, but is meant to be used as a study guide by viewers of the video series. 1. In Hoc Signo. 2. Constantine and the Fate of the Roman Empire. 3. Constantine and Christianity.

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