Olmecs (Book published May 22, 2018)


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Author  Captivating History
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 22, 2018
ISBN  1719512310
Pages  100

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Did you know that the Olmecs might have been the first people to introduce writing?

The first people that managed to elevate themselves to civilized life were the Olmecs. But why do they remain relatively unknown, hidden in the long and dark corridors of forgotten history?

The truth is that few historians are ready to tackle the task of uncovering the true story of the Olmecs. And thus, it can be hard for readers to find an easy-to-read and cohesive resource on this fascinating civilization.

But that is about to change. In this new captivating history book, you will discover the truth about the earliest known civilization in America.

Olmecs: A Captivating Guide to the Earliest Known Major Ancient Civilization in Mexico includes:

  • Revolutionary Findings Provided by Modern Archaeological Detective Techniques
  • A Simple Explanation of Who the Olmecs Were and Where They Came From
  • Fascinating Discoveries of Olmec Art
  • Startling Theories About the Structure of Olmec Society and How They Interacted with Their Neighbors
  • The Truth of Why the Olmecs Were So Rich and the Powerful Components to Their Success
  • What There Is to Know About the Olmec Military
  • Amazing Insights Into Everyday Life of the Olmecs
  • Religion and Beliefs and How They Played an Essential Role in Olmec Society
  • Remarkable Innovations of the Olmecs
  • And much, much more!

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