Lives of the Great Commanders (Book published September 21, 2019


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Author  Quintus Curtius
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   September 21, 2019
ISBN  1693918668
Pages  276

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This new, original translation of Cornelius Nepos's "Lives of the Great Commanders" is the first to appear in many generations. It is also the first completely illustrated and annotated translation of this ageless classic. It contains the following special features that are specifically designed for the general reader or student:

1. Over forty illustrations, including original portrait art and historical illustrations.

2. Over four hundred and forty descriptive footnotes that explain every name, location, and literary point of interest in the text.

3. A fresh, modern English translation that is faithful to the original Latin text.

4. A detailed foreword, descriptive introduction, map, and index for ease of reference.

The Roman writer Cornelius Nepos (c. 110 B.C.--c. 25 B.C.) was one of the first biographers in the Western tradition. His "Lives of the Great Commanders" presents memorable and entertaining sketches of some of the most famous military and political leaders of antiquity. Written with a strong moral purpose, his book was taught and studied in schools for many centuries. Through him we learn what character traits made his subjects great, and what shortcomings produced their downfalls.

Nepos's instructional biographies have never been more needed or relevant today. His themes--character, moral development, political freedom, and the consequences of corruption--are timeless and universal in their interest. A self-contained unit, this new translation is ideal both for those with no prior background in the subject matter, and also for the serious student.

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