Abydos Where It All Began (Book published September 5, 2019)


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Author  Abdelrahman A. Amin
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   September 5, 2019
ISBN  1691254495
Pages  220

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This book is a comprehensive guide to the middle zone of Abydos, which visitors can still walk through the magnificently decorated monuments of Seti I and his son Ramesses II. The first structure you’ll see at Abydos is the Great Temple of Seti I, which is one of the most complete, unique and beautiful temples in Egypt. With exquisite decoration and plenty of atmospheres, it is the main attraction here, although the nearby Cenotaph or Osireion is also wrapped in mystery and the desert views are spectacular. And about one-third of a kilometer to the north of Seti I's temple, Ramesses II left behind, his temple at Abydos, built early in his reign, stands as one of his most elegant monuments, with its simple architectural layout and dramatic and graceful painted relief scenes. Though best known for its dramatic reliefs depicting the battle of Kadesh, the temple also offers a wealth of information about religious and social life in ancient Egypt.

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