The Classical World (Book published August 15, 2017)


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Author  Nigel Spivey
Publisher  Pegasus Books
Publication Date   August 15, 2017
ISBN  1681774496
Pages  368

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A masterly investigation into the classical roots of Western civilization, taking the reader on an illuminating journey from Troy, Athens, and Sparta to Utopia, Alexandria, and Rome.

An authoritative and accessible study of the foundations, development, and enduring legacy of the cultures of Greece and Rome, centered on ten locations of seminal importance in the development of classical civilization.

Starting with Troy, where history, myth and cosmology fuse to form the origins of classical civilization, Nigel Spivey explores the contrasting politics of Athens and Sparta, the diffusion of classical ideals across the Mediterranean world, classical science and philosophy, the eastward export of Greek culture with the conquests of Alexander the Great, the power and spread of the Roman imperium, and the long Byzantine twilight of Antiquity.

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