Caesar's Footprints (Book published April 9, 2019)


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Author  Bijan Omrani
Publisher  Pegasus Books
Publication Date   April 9, 2019
ISBN  1643130382
Pages  416

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An intellectual adventure through ancient France revealing how Caesar’s conquest of Gaul changed the course of French culture, forever transforming modern Europe.

Julius Caesar's conquests in Gaul in the 50s BC were bloody, but the cultural revolution they brought in their wake forever transformed the ancient Celtic culture of that country. After Caesar, the Gauls exchanged their tribal quarrels for Roman values and acquired the paraphernalia of civilized urban life. The Romans also left behind a legacy of language, literature, law, government, religion, architecture, and industry.

Each chapter of Caesar's Footprints is dedicated to a specific journey of exploration through Roman Gaul. From the amphitheatres of Arles and Nîmes to the battlefield of Châlons (where Flavius Aetius defeated Attila the Hun) Bijan Omani―an exciting and authoritative new voice in Roman history―explores archaeological sites, artifacts, and landscapes to reveal how the imprint of Roman culture shaped Celtic France―and thereby helped to create modern Europe. 16 pages of color illustrations

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