Are We Egyptian Christians?

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Author  Christina Quinn
Publisher  Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date   May 22, 2017
ISBN  1635751047

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The question of whether or not the Bible is true comes up often. The skeptics say that the Bible does not correspond with ancient history; therefore none of it is true. There are those who even say the entire Bible is made up of stories to make people feel better. In this book, the traditional scholarly
time line for the Jews is questioned and is found missing 531 years. Archaeological finds help show places and people of the Bible are in history, if you look in the right year. Plus, since the Old Testament is true, so must be the New Testament and Christianity. Christianity comes from Christ, not from Egyptians or Jews. There are some who believe the Jews stole religion from the Egyptians. The Jews were chosen to bring the rest of the world the inheritance from God. Through the Jewish lineage we are given Jesus Christ. And through Christ we have Christianity

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