Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths (Book published February


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Author  G. A. Gaskell
Publisher  Echo Point Books & Media
Publication Date   February 22, 2019
ISBN  163561726X
Pages  858

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In his acclaimed Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths, G.A. Gaskell offers authoritative definitions and clear explanations for over 5,000 terms used in sacred texts of the world’s religions and mythologies. The origin, nature, and metaphorical meaning of each concept is thoroughly explored in context, supported with numerous quotations from both ancient and recent sources and authorities, and carefully cross-referenced to other examples. Part dictionary and part encyclopedia, this oversized book is packed with illuminating information and will satisfy the curiosity of spiritual and cultural seekers. 
Gaskell is a masterful interpreter of sacred symbols and symbolism, and he explains all the key ones in detail while noting which ones have deeper underlying meanings and how they vary between different religions and countries. Meticulously researched and attractively presented, this invaluable guide is a must-have for comparative religion teachers and scholars. Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths belongs in the library of anyone studying sacred writings or reading them as literature, and is an enlightening read for any layman.

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