The History and Archaeology of Phoenicia... (Book published November


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Author  Hélène Sader
Publisher  SBL Press
Publication Date   November 23, 2019
ISBN  1628372559
Pages  400

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An insightful historical account of Phoenicia that illustrates its cities, culture, and daily life

Hélène Sader presents the history and archaeology of Phoenicia based on the available contemporary written sources and the results of archaeological excavations in Phoenicia proper. Sader explores the origin of the term Phoenicia; the political and geographical history of the city-states Arwad, Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre; and topography, climate, and natural resources of the Phoenician homeland. Her limited focus on Phoenicia proper, in contrast to previous studies that included information from Phoenician colonies, presents the bare realities of the opportunities and difficulties shaping Phoenician life. Sader's evaluation and synthesis of the evidence offers a corrective to the common assumption of a unified Phoenician kingdom.


  • Historical as well as modern maps with the locations of all relevant archaeological sites
  • Faunal and floral analyses that shed light on the Phoenician diet
  • Petrographic analysis of pottery that sheds light on trading patterns and developments

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