Sargon II, King of Assyria

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Author  Josette Elayi
Publisher  SBL Press
Publication Date   July 28, 2017
ISBN  1628371773
Pages  310

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A critical resource that traces the reign of Sargon in context

Josette Elayi's book is the only existing biography of Sargon II, the famous Assyrian king, who was a megalomaniac and a warlord. Elayi addresses such important questions, including what was his precise role in the disappearance of the kingdom of Israel; how did Sargon II succeed in enlarging the borders of the Assyrian Empire by several successful campaigns; how did he organize his empire (administration, trade, agriculture, libraries), and what was the so-called sin of Sargon?


  • Interpretations of decisive events during the life and reign of the Assyrian king
  • An evaluation of Sargon II s reign
  • Maps, tables, and illustrations

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