Israel and the Assyrians

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Author  C. L. Crouch
Publisher  SBL Press
Publication Date   November 13, 2014
ISBN  1628370270
Pages  234

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Was Deuteronomy created to be a subversive text based on Assyrian treaties?

In this new book Crouch focuses on Deuteronomy's subversive intent, asking what would be required in order for Deuteronomy to successfully subvert either a specific Assyrian source or Assyrian ideology more generally. The book reconsiders the nature of the relationship between Deuteronomy and Assyria, Deuteronomy's relationship to ancient Near Eastern and biblical treaty and loyalty oath traditions, and the relevance of Deuteronomy's treaty affinities to discussions of its date.


  • A thorough investigation of the nature and requirements of subversion
  • A focused examination of the context in which Deuteronomy would have functioned
  • An appendix focused on redactional questions related to Deuteronomy 13 and 28

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