Islamic Buildings


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Author  Sun Dazhang
Publisher  CN Times Books Inc.
Publication Date   March 3, 2015
ISBN  1627740198
Pages  196

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Islamic Buildings traces the spread of Islam in China, and Islam’s influence on ancient Chinese architecture. The introduction of Islamic architecture into China resulted in a unique blending of Chinese and Arab architecture. While they retained many Arab characteristics, Chinese mosques developed their own style, a melding of Arab and Chinese design elements.

Islamic Buildings details the evolution of the mosque in China and its diverse functions within the Chinese Islamic community. Sun Dazhang and Qiu Yulan explore methods of mosque construction, decoration, and layout. They also compare Islamic buildings in China to contemporaneous traditional Chinese buildings. Islam spread quickly in China, with followers constructing a variety of religious buildings, including scripture halls, halls of prayer, and mausoleums. Tragically, few ancient Chinese mosques have survived to the present; the best examples are presented here. Islamic Buildingsincludes 125 color photographs, 20 illustrations and figures, 1 chart, and 2 maps, documenting the interiors and the exteriors of mosques that are still standing in China today.

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