Mistress of the Two Lands

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Author  Edith Fiore
Publisher  First Edition Design Publishing
Publication Date   September 23, 2013
ISBN  1622874048
Pages  290

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Hatshepsut overcame all obstacles and ruled as a pharaoh for more than twenty-one years, ushering in Ancient Egypt's golden age. She had defied thousands of years of the tradition that only men could be kings. At the age of twelve, when she married her half-brother, Thutmose, she became queen. After his death, the Oracle in the great Temple of Amun in Karnak, proclaimed that she was Pharaoh Maatkare and Mistress of the Two Lands. This historical novel, tells the story of her life and her many accomplishments: the building of her glorious and beautiful mortuary temple, Djeser-djeseru, the twelve-hundred-mile trip to the fabled land of Punt, the erection of two magnificent golden one-hundred-foot tall obelisks, her secret and forbidden life-long love affair with a remarkable commoner, Senenmut, and her relationship with a multi-talented initiated priestess, a seer-prophet, whose life paralleled and eventually interwove with that of Hatshepsut. The reader will learn about the process of mummification, the history and construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and those of his descendents', the Sphinx, and the four solar boats at what is now Giza, past lives, astral projection or out-of-body travel, herbal medicine and much more in this story of murders, a rape, intrigues, an assassination attempt, a ruthless master hypnotist, who was a physician-priest, Princess Neferure, Hatshepsut's daughter,and many other fascinating characters. Non-top drama enthralls the reader from the very first page to the last one. Author Bio: Edith Fiore, Ph.D., is a retired clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, having specialized in hypnoanalysis for more than twenty years. She wrote three books on her work; You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives, The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession and Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials. She trained thousands of professionals and lectured nationally and internationally. Mistress of the Two Lands: A Novel of the Female Pharaoh is her first novel. She has started a second one, The Immigrants. She has three daughters, six grandchildren and one great-grandson. She lives in Sarasota, Florida. keywords: Pharaoh, Hatshepsut, Ancient Egypt, Seer, Hypnosis, Intrigue, Historical, Love story, Pyramids, Mummy, Reincarnation, Metaphysics, Forbidden Love, Murder, Obelisks, Land of Punt, Astral Projection

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