The New Complete Dog Book (Book published November 11, 2014)


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Author  American Kennel Club
Publisher  Lumina Media
Publication Date   November 11, 2014
ISBN  162187091X
Pages  912

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Newly reprinted with a heavy duty binding, The New Complete Dog Book, the most successful dog book ever published, with over two million copies sold, is the American Kennel Club’s bible of dogs, the one book that every purebred dog aficionado and expert cannot live without. The Complete Dog Book first appeared 85 years ago and now for the first time has been reformatted and published in full color.

A celebration of every breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club—over 200 breeds—this volume offers readers:

-Official standard for every AKC-recognized breed—over 50 more than previous edition—including seven variety Groups and the Miscellaneous Class

-Newly written breed histories, puppy-buying tips, and pet attributes, each breed written by one of the 200 AKC national parent clubs

-Over 800 exceptional color photographs of adults and puppies illustrate each four-page breed entry

-Spotlight on finding well-bred puppies, sports and activities for dogs and owners, AKC programs, and canine anatomy

-Illustrated glossary of canine terminology

I-5 Press is proud to take the helm as the publisher of the longest, continually published dog book in history, following in the footsteps of G.H. Watt Publishers, Halcyon House, Garden City Publishing, Doubleday NY, Howell Book House (Wiley) and Ballantine Books (Random House). This 21st edition of The American Kennel Club’s New Complete Dog Book belongs in every dog lover’s home, the library of every town and institution, and dog club reference section in America.

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