Chieftains of the Highland Clans


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Author  Robert D. Miller II
Publisher  Wipf & Stock Pub
Publication Date   May 2, 2012
ISBN  1620322080
Pages  206

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In the seven years since it was published, "Miller's yeoman narrative" (Ryan Byrne, BASOR) has become an important part of academic discourse on early Israel. An illuminating social history of ancient Israel, Chieftains of the Highland Clans offers an unusually thorough and original reconstruction of Israelite society prior to the rise of the monarchy around 1000 BC. Using the latest archaeological research and anthropological theories, Robert Miller presents an intriguing picture of what life was like in early Israel. This reprint edition contains a new preface by the author that surveys developments in the past decade impacting issues addressed in Chieftains of the Highland Clans.

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