The Man in the Cell

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Author  Wayne Michael O'Connor
Publisher  Xulon Press
Publication Date   January 30, 2012
ISBN  1619963299
Pages  150

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Archarius is a proud soldier in the Roman Army from a well-known military family whose heart had become hardened by his years in the army as well as his disappointment with people in general. He has accepted tonight's assignment of guard duty unaware that he was assuming responsibility for guarding a very special man. His debate with "The Man in the Cell" this night would prove to be the end of everything he knew and understood of this world and the beginning of a new life and a new journey. It would be in this Roman dungeon that the Son of God would choose not to concern himself with his last hours as a man but instead the redemption of one more lost sheep. Wayne Michael O'Connor is an avid reader and history buff. His love of books and a good story has always fueled his desire to one day author his first book. This novel his first, was an inspiration that came to him on one blessed morning and has been written for the glory of God. Wayne lives with his wife Karen in North Haven Connecticut

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