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Author  Peter Xiaoming Yu
Publisher  Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
Publication Date   December 24, 2012
ISBN  1618975978
Pages  244

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As the authors point out, China has arrived, big time. To ignore the Chinese is foolish. Yet, where does one begin? Getting a handle on China, with its sweeping history and vast cultural diversity, is, for most, a daunting task. China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society provides a much-needed starting point for piecing together the many parts of the complex puzzle that is China. More than simply a guidebook or historical survey, this rich volume bridges geography, culture, politics, and beliefs to present a nuanced picture of a nation that is often misunderstood by those seeking to view it through a Western lens. Whether one is approaching China for the first time or seeking to fill the gaps in one's existing understanding of things Chinese, this book provides an abundance of useful information. - Brent Fulton, Ph.D., Director, ChinaSource About the Authors: Peter Xiaoming Yu grew up and went to college in Shanghai, China, and later earned a Master's degree in Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Education . He taught courses on Chinese language & culture at the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies for many years. He is now Dean of Students at the University of Macau. Dr. Yu is married and has a grown daughter. G. Wright Doyle received a B.A. with Honors in Latin, an M.Div. with Honors, and a Ph.D. in Classics. Dr. Doyle went to Asia with his wife in 1975, and lived in Taiwan almost ten years before moving to Charlottesville, Virginia. As Director of Global China Center (, he leads a team of China researchers, writes articles and book reviews about China, and conducts seminars on China's history and culture. He is married and has one grown daughter, who was born in Taiwan. Both authors return to Greater China frequently to stay abreast of the latest developments there. Publisher's website:

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