Spiralling into Atlantis


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Author  Frederick Crooks
Publisher  Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
Publication Date   December 4, 2012
ISBN  1618973215
Pages  312

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During the Ice Age, the northern parts of Alaska and Siberia (shaded black and known as Beringia) were teeming with big game; but when Earth's axis tilted 11,650 years ago, the polar area expanded from the small circle centred on south-western Greenland to envelop and refrigerate life in the large circle. Today, Beringia is still a permafrosted wasteland littered with 11,650-year-old frozen animal carcasses. Most of the glaciers and pack ice in and around the Ice Age small circle were either displaced or rapidly melted to raise sea levels by an average of 120 metres. During the tilt, many parts of the thin oceanic crust heaved or fell, resulting in the drowning of many island communities, such as Atlantis. Frozen mammoths are not mythical beasts and Atlantis was not a mythical place because what happened in both cases can be accounted for by the horrendous crumpling of Earth's crust and massive ecological and regional temperature changes. Theories about the loss of Atlantis, which omit the tilt, can be discarded along with those that omit the astrophysical cause of this mayhem. This cause is recorded in ancient texts and art, and confirmed by recent scientific research. It was a tongue of methane deemed to be a winged dragon or a similar chimera, discharged by the nearby red giant star Sirius-B. It too was real enough because it sent Earth reeling after "kicking" it. So, we can now understand why dragons from space have haunted us for millennia, and why Atlantean sages went everywhere to inform us accordingly. Their monuments also embody an ethical legacy revealed in this book. Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/FrederickCrooks

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