An Introduction to the Study of Justinian's...

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Author  Henry John Roby
Publisher  The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Publication Date   April 24, 2012
ISBN  1616192631
Pages  284

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Roby's fine introduction provides more than an explanation and analysis of the components of the Digest, although those are key features of the work. It also discusses points, sources, technical phrases and the jurists cited in the Digest. The Appendix lays out its organizational structure and adds a chronological table of Emperors and major historical events. In all, Roby provides a highly useful guide for anyone who wishes to cite or study this cornerstone of Western jurisprudence. HENRY JOHN ROBY [1830-1915] was a classical lecturer at Cambridge University and professor of jurisprudence at University College, London. He was the author of the important Grammar of the Latin Language, from Plautus to Suetonius (1862) and Roman Private Law in the Time of Cicero and the Antonines (1902).

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