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Author  Elena Miranda Gates
Publisher  PublishAmerica
Publication Date   November 13, 2009
ISBN  1615829679
Pages  73

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Incas: The Silence of the Sun, is a historical non-fiction book that reflects the author's passion for her culture in each page. It is a tribute to her ancestors, especially to her Quechua grandmother Josefa, who was born on the Incas' land. The Inca world is fascinated; a country shrouded in mystery and secrets, surrounded by beautiful geographic diversity, and making global contributions in many areas.

This story is not like the images depicted in the latest Indiana Jones movie from Hollywood, nor is it a land where aliens are suppose to return to complete hieroglyphs engraved in the sand. Everything the Incas, called also "the children of the sun," did have to do with their love and devotion to their gods, earth and their people. This is the story of the world of the Incas who, as warriors, still keep the silence of the sun.

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