The Emperor Commodus?

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Author  Geoff W. Adams
Publisher  Brown Walker Press
Publication Date   November 7, 2013
ISBN  1612337228
Pages  350

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This work establishes the various perspectives surrounding and emanating from the Roman Emperor Commodus. Included are an in-depth analysis of his major influences as a child/youth, particularly in relation to his family, as well as a discussion of the influences that had occurred in Rome and while in the provinces, despite the frequent denial of any positive attributes towards him within the works of many late Republican authors. Adams analyses the progression of influences and events throughout the life of the infamous emperor in order to clearly establish Commodus' perspectives about not only the Principate, but also how his role within Roman society was clearly influenced by the ideals of his more well-received predecessors (the 'Five Good Emperors' - Edward Gibbon). It is intended that this work will not only appeal to an academic audience but also interested students and laymen who have an interest in one of the most intriguing and infamous characters of the Ancient World.

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