The Cat of Bubastes

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Author  George A. Henty
Publisher  Fireship Press
Publication Date   March 11, 2011
ISBN  1611791251
Pages  344

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With 40 pages of additional articles, references, and bibliographies of recommended reading. The Cat of Bubastes is the earliest book in the Henty chronology. It is set in 1450 BC, about the midpoint of the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III. During this period, Egypt experienced unprecedented growth, with Thutmose leading his armies in no fewer than 17 military campaigns, from Syria in the north to Nubia in the south. Amuba is a young prince of a tribe called the Rebu. When his land is attacked by the Egyptians, he is captured and, along with his chariot driver Jethro, sent back to Egypt as slaves. Amuba is placed in service to Chebron, the son of the high priest. One day, by accident, Chebron kills the sacred cat of the City of Bubastes. The penalty for this act is death, which sets up a variety of harrowing adventures as they attempt to escape back to Amuba's native land. Besides being a terrific adventure, Henty gives the reader an encyclopedic insight into the culture, religion, and everyday life of ancient Egypt. Henty's History Series - Learning History Through Fiction The Henty series is a unique way of learning about history. It consists of over 80 novels, each written by George A. Henty, and each featuring a significant historical person, period or event. * Perfect for busy people who have never lost their desire to learn. * An ideal way for homeschool students to learn history. * Organized by time period. * With additional nonfiction articles and a bibliography of recommended reading. "If you want to fall in love with history, there is simply no better way to do it than this."

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