American Buddhist Rebel (Book published August 15, 2017)


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Author  Liz Lewinson
Publisher  Torchflame Books
Publication Date   August 15, 2017
ISBN  1611532566
Pages  322

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In 1969, a teenager named Frederick P. Lenz III flew to Kathmandu, Nepal with an early version snowboard, hoping to snow-surf down the highest mountains he could find. On his first run, he plowed into an aged Buddhist monk who told the incredulous teen their meeting was destiny, that his past life enlightenment would return, and he would help millions of people.

In this award-winning biography, you'll take a front row seat as Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz applies his emerging multi-dimensional skillset to illuminate and reboot lives.  Funny, controversial, reverent, irreverent, he was the koan.

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