Richard Shaver's Chilling Tales From The Inner...


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Author  Richard S. Shaver
Publisher  Timothy Beckley - Global Communications
Publication Date   March 19, 2012
ISBN  1606111116
Pages  200

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Before Rod Serling There Was RICHARD S. SHAVER He Became A Legend In The Genres Of Science Fiction, Horror And The Arcane. He Enthralled Thousands With His Creepy Tales Of A Vast Cavern System Right Below Our Feet, Which He Insisted Was Populated By A Mentally Impaired Race Of Deformed, Sadistic, Cannibalistic Creatures Known As The Dero. And While His Bone-Chilling Accounts Were Published In Pulp Science Fiction Magazines like Amazing Stories back in the 1940s and 1950s, Richard Shaver Maintained That Each And Every Declaration He Made Was ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The Dero, Shaver lamented, were kidnapping surface-dwellers on a regular basis for “meat and torture.” They had appropriated sophisticated “ray” machines that the great ancient races had left behind that made humans go stark raving mad. They spied on people and projected tormenting thoughts and voices into their heads. And the Dero could be blamed for almost all misfortunes, from minor accidents to airplane crashes and other catastrophic disasters. And, while generally confined to their caves, Shaver claimed that the Dero sometimes traveled in spaceships and had dealings with evil extraterrestrials. He claimed to possess first-hand knowledge of the Dero and their caves, because, he insisted, he had been kept prisoner dozens of miles below the Earth’s surface for years. Notes one researcher: “There are 500 buildings in the United States where elevators go deeper than the basement. And those unfortunate enough to descend to this dark void either emerge nearly catatonic or are never seen again.” Here then are five of Richard Shaver’s best and most icy tales of the underground, a place you do not want to make your next home!

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