The Rosetta Stone


The Rosetta Stone: Key to the Decipherment of the Ancient Egyptian Writing System (Forgotten Books)

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Author  E.A. Wallis Budge
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   January 9, 2008
ISBN  160506453X
Pages  94

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Book Description:

"This is a collection of two articles by E.A. Wallis Budge on the famous Rosetta Stone, which was the key to the modern decipherment of the Ancient Egyptian writing system. The first article is an essay from Budge's 1893 anthology The Mummy, which discusses the stone, ancient and medieval writings about hieroglyphics, and the competition between Young and Champollion, the two 19th century scholars who eventually cracked the code. He explains how the stone was used to piece together the Egyptian alphabetic signs, the key to the rest of the hieroglyphics. The second article is his 1905 translation of the text of the stone, which turns out to be a fairly unremarkable Ptolemaic era decree." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; The Rosetta Stone And The Stele Of Canopus; Ancient Writings About Hieroglyphics; Post-antiquity Writings On Hieroglyphics; Young And Champollion; How Champollion Deciphered The Egyptian Alphabet; Opinions Of Egyptologists On Young And Champollion; Translation Of The Rosetta Stone; Endnotes

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