The Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology


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Author  Martin Persson Nilsson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   December 28, 2007
ISBN  1605063932
Pages  187

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Book Description:

"This is a study of the origins of classical Greek mythology in the Mycenaean era, which preceded the era of Homer, Hesiod and the dramatists by several hundred years, separated by a dark age. In the 19th century, the 'Comparative' school explained Greek mythology in terms of parallels with other mythologies such as the Celtic, Germanic and Indian. This was counterpoised by a 'Euhemerist' school, which tried to find historical basis for all mythological incidents. Nilsson, who wrote in the mid-20th century, steered between these two schools, instead looking for historic and prehistoric evidence for the evolution of the Greek mythological cycles, particularly attempting to match up archaeological evidence of Mycenaean occupation with localized myths such as the Theseus, the Thebes myths, Heracles and Mount Olympus." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; How Old Is Greek Mythology?; Mycenaean Centers And Mythological Centers; Heracles; Olympus; Endnotes

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