Ancient Fragments


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Author  I. P. Cory
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   December 28, 2007
ISBN  1605063770
Pages  143

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Book Description:

"This book is a collection of the fragments of documents relating to ancient near eastern history and pagan beliefs that were preserved in Greek and Latin. This book was published was before the great discoveries in the interpretation of hieroglyphics and cuneiform, so these documents were still thought to be the only reliable written evidence for the period outside of the Bible and the Greek historians. While all of the fragments are unquestionably ancient, some are more ancient than others, and some may not actually be what they purport to be (notably the oracles of Zoroaster). This does not necessarily reduce their value as source material, although it does change the focus." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; Introductory Dissertation; The Theology Of The PhŒnicians: From Sanchoniatho; Fragments Of ChaldÆan History, Berossus: From Alexander Polyhistor; Berossus: From Apollodorus; Berossus: From Abydenus; Berossus: From Josephus, &c.; Megasthenes: From Abydenus; Supplemental Fragments And Extracts Illustrative Of The ChaldÆan History; The ChaldÆan Oracles Of Zoroaster; Fragments Of The Hermetic, Orphic, Pythagorean, And Other Cosmogonies And Theogonies; Orphic Fragments; Pythagorean Fragments; The Theogonies; Endnotes

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