Atlantis, the Antediluvian World


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Author  Ignatius Donnelly
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 26, 2007
ISBN  1605060771
Pages  430

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Book Description:

"At the center of Donnelly's thesis are a set of similarities between widely separated cultures. This he interpreted as evidence that all civilization diffused outward from a central point (a now sunken continent in the mid-Atlantic). He cites mythological, linguistic, ethnographic and other evidence for this theory, which at the time seemed to add up to an airtight case.

Donnelly proposes a literal interpretation of Plato's account of Atlantis. He also ties Atlantis into the global flood myth-complex. These, until recently, have been two of the most compelling unsolved puzzles of history. What was Plato writing about when he described the prehistoric civilization of Atlantis, which disappeared overnight in a great catastrophe? Was this an actual historical account, or a philosophical fable? And why do widely separated cultures on every continent, Australia, the Americas, Europe and Asia all have a similar myth of a great flood from which only a few humans survived to restart civilization?

It is only in the past half century that proposals based in scientific fact have been proposed to solve these conundrums. It now appears that these two problems may actually be totally unrelated (although both have a spectacular origin related to catastrophes of geological scale)." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher’s Preface; Part I. The History Of Atlantis.; The Purpose Of The Book.; Plato's History Of Atlantis.; The Probabilities Of Plato's Story.; Was Such A Catastrophe Possible?; The Testimony Of The Sea.; The Testimony Of The Flora And Fauna.; Part ii. The Deluge.; The Destruction Of Atlantis Described In The Deluge Legends.; The Deluge Of The Bible; The Deluge Of The Chaldeans.; The Deluge Legends Of Other Nations.; The Deluge Legends Of America.; Some Consideration Of The Deluge Legends.; Part iii. The Civilization Of The Old World And New Compared.; Civilization An Inheritance; The Identity Of The Civilizations Of The Old World And The New; American Evidences Of Intercourse With Europe Or Atlantis.; Corroborating Circumstances.; The Question Of Complexion.; Genesis Contains A History Of Atlantis; The Origin Of Our Alphabet; The Bronze Age In Europe.; Artificial Deformation Of The Skull.; Part iv. The Mythologies Of The Old World A Recollection Of Atlantis.; Traditions Of Atlantis.; The Kings Of Atlantis Become The Gods Of The Greeks.; The Gods Of The PhŒnicians Also Kings Of Atlantis.; The God Odin, Woden, Or Wotan.; The Pyramid, The Cross, And The Garden Of Eden.; Gold And Silver The Sacred Metals Of Atlantis.; Part V. The Colonies Of Atlantis.; The Central American And Mexican Colonies.; The Egyptian Colony.; The Colonies Of The Mississippi Valley; The Iberian Colonies Of Atlantis; The Peruvian Colony.; The African Colonies.; The Irish Colonies From Atlantis.; The Oldest Son Of Noah.; The Antiquity Of Some Of Our Great Inventions.; The Aryan Colonies From Atlantis.; Atlantis Reconstructed.

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