The Seven Tablets of Creation


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Author  Leonard William King
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 7, 2007
ISBN  160506050X
Pages  180

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Book Description:

"This is L.W. Kings' authoritative work on the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth. This text includes the complete introduction, and the English text of the Enuma Elish and other related texts, with selected footnotes. The Enuma Elish is the earliest written creation myth, in which the God Marduk battles the chaos Goddess Tiamat and her evil minions. The name 'Enuma Elish' is derived from the first two words of the myth, meaning 'When in the Height'. Tiamat takes the form of a gigantic snake, and Marduk battles and defeats her using an arsenal of super-weapons. After his victory Marduk is made the leader of the Gods by acclamation. Marduk divides Tiamat's corpse into two portions, the upper half becoming the sky and the lower half, the earth. Marduk then creates humanity from his blood and bone.

The Enuma Elish has long been considered by scholars to be primary source material for the book of Genesis. It has also been hypothesized that this is a legend about the overthrow of the matriarchy or records of some cosmic catastrophe." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher’s Preface; Preface; Introduction.; The Seven Tablets Of The History Of Creation.; The First Tablet; The Second Tablet; The Third Tablet; The Fourth Tablet; The Fifth Tablet; The Sixth Tablet; The Seventh Tablet; Other Accounts Of The History Of Creation; Another Version Of The Dragon-myth ; A Reference To The Creation Of The Cattle And The Beasts Of The Field ; A Reference To The Creation Of The Moon And The Sun; An Address To The River Of Creation ; Another Version Of The Creation Of The World By Marduk. ; Endnotes

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