Legends of Babylon and Egypt


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Author  Leonard W. King
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 12, 2007
ISBN  1605060488
Pages  225

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Book Description:

Legends of Babylon and Egypt was first published in 1918 under the authorship of Leonard W. King. In these lectures an attempt is made, not so much to restate familiar facts, as to accommodate them to new and supplementary evidence which has been published in America since the outbreak of the war. But even without the excuse of recent discovery, no apology would be needed for any comparison or contrast of Hebrew tradition with the mythological and legendary beliefs of Babylon and Egypt. Hebrew achievements in the sphere of religion and ethics are only thrown into stronger relief when studied against their contemporary background. The bulk of our new material is furnished by some early texts, written towards the close of the third millennium B.C. They incorporate traditions which extend in unbroken outline from their own period into the remote ages of the past, and claim to trace the history of man back to his creation.

Table of Contents:

Publisher’s Preface; Preface; Egypt, Babylon, And Palestine, And Some Traditional Origins Of Civilization; Deluge Stories And The New Sumerian Version; Introduction To The Myth, And Account Of Creation; The Antediluvian Cities; The Council Of The Gods, And Ziusudu's Piety; The Dream-warning; The Flood, The Escape Of The Great Boat, And The Sacrifice To The Sun-god; The Propitiation Of The Angry Gods, And Ziusudu's Immortality; Creation And The Dragon Myth; And The Problem Of Babylonian Parallels In Hebrew Tradition; Appendix I; Appendix ii; Endnotes

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