Egyptian Myth and Legend


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Author  Donald A. MacKenzie
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 7, 2007
ISBN  160506002X
Pages  356

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Book Description:

"This highly readable book covers Egyptian religion, history, and culture through its entire civilization. We are accustomed to history measured in decades or centuries. Egypt requires thinking in terms of millenia. There was not one monolithic Egyptian belief system; it went through profound changes over time; this book describes this evolution in great detail. Mackenzie includes many extracts from religious texts, folk tales, and historical documents." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher’s Preface; Preface; Introduction; Creation Legend Of Sun Worshippers; The Tragedy Of Osiris; Dawn Of Civilization; The Peasant Who Became King; Racial Myths In Egypt And Europe; The City Of The Elf God; Death And The Judgment; The Religion Of The Stone Workers; A Day In Old Memphis; The Great Pyramid Kings; Folk Tales Of Fifty Centuries; Triumph Of The Sun God; Fall Of The Old Kingdom; Father Gods And Mother Goddesses; Plate I.; Plate ii.; Plate iii.; Plate iv.; Plate V.; Plate V.; Plate vi.; Plate vii.; The Rise Of Amon; Tale Of The Fugitive Prince; Egypt's Golden Age; Myths And Lays Of The Middle Kingdom; The Island Of Enchantment; The Hyksos And Their Strange God; Joseph And The Exodus; Amon, The God Of Empire; Tale Of The Doomed Prince; Changes In Social And Religious Life; Amenhotep The Magnificent And Queen Tiy; The Religious Revolt Of The Poet King; The Empire Of Rameses And The Homeric Age; Egypt And The Hebrew Monarchy; The Restoration And The End; Endnotes

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