Beric the Briton a Story of the Roman Invasion...

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Author  A. Henty G. a. Henty
Publisher  Book Jungle
Publication Date   December 6, 2007
ISBN  1604246774
Pages  348

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G A Henty was a 19th century novelist, special correspondent and Imperialist. His best-known works are historical adventures. The Britons were known to have superior strength but it was no match for the discipline of the Roman invaders. The story is set in England, Italy and Rome in the year 61 A D. Beric is a young boy chief who plays a major role in the insucerction against Rome. For awhile Beric and his men were able to hold the land but soon the superior discipline of the Roman army prevailed. Beric becomes a prisoner and travels to Rome. Henty describes the gladiator school, the great fire and life under the rule of Nero.

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