A Victor of Salamis

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Author  William Stearns Davis
Publisher  Merchant Books
Publication Date   August 21, 2009
ISBN  160386248X
Pages  324

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An unabridged, digitally enhanced edition with updated typeface. Chapters include: Glaucon The Beautiful - The Hand Of Persia - The Athlete - The Pentathlon - Hermione Of Eleusis - Athens - Democrates And The Tempter - On The Acropolis - The Cyprian Triumphs - Democrates Resolves - The Panathenæa - A Traitor To Hellas - The Disloyalty Of Phormio - Mardonius The Persian - The Lotus-Eating At Sardis - The Coming Of Xerxes The God-King - The Charming By Roxana - Democrates's Troubles Return - The Commandment Of Xerxes - Thermopylæ - The Three Hundred-And One - Mardonius Gives A Promise - The Darkest Hour - The Evacuation Of Athens - The Acropolis Flames - Themistocles Is Thinking - The Craft Of Odysseus - Before The Death Grapple - Salamis - Themistocles Gives A Promise - Democrates Surrenders - The Stranger In Trœzene - What Befell On The Hillside - The Loyalty Of Lampaxo - Moloch Betrays The Phœnician - The Reading Of The Riddle - The Race To Save Hellas - The Council Of Mardonius - The Avenging Of Leonidas - The Song Of The Furies - The Brightness Of Helios

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