The Disastrous Love Affair of Moon and...


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Author  Alfred de Grazia
Publisher  Metron Publications
Publication Date   February 23, 2019
ISBN  1603770984
Pages  248

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Can a dance and poem be a piece of astronomical history, tightly, not vaguely, related? We discern behind a famous Homeric scenario about the misconduct of the gods the shadow of a second scenario of astronomical catastrophe. Many reasons are uncovered to suspect that the human drama is unconsciously imitating what the human eye witnessed as a prior catastrophe in the skies. Chant and catastrophe, dance and disaster seem to be historically linked. If they are, then an idea that many psychologists have considered: that humans have a tendency to suppress the memory of terrible events, but also are somehow compelled by unconscious psychic forces to re-enact them - this idea is supported by our theory.

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