The Ancient Wisdom of Ta Mo

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Author  Michael Sobie
Publisher  Maurice Frances Brown, Ltd.
Publication Date   January 1, 2008
ISBN  1602240000
Pages  240

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Ta Mo, a mysterious and enigmatic Chinese-food deliveryman, shares the secret of happiness. Using only a simple take-out menu Ta Mo imparts nine lessons that are the recipe for a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

As Ta Mo himself said, self-help books are like diet books: there s always a new book rolling off the press. But if just one of them really worked, it would make all the others obsolete. THE ANCIENT WISDOM OF TA MO is the self-help book that really works. It speaks to the universal desire to be happy and most impressively it tells you how to be happy now. Today.
Realizing that he is in the presence of a great teacher, the author asks Ta Mo to help him achieve happiness. But first Mike s beliefs that subconsciously keep him from being happy have to be discarded. Next, the focus shifts to the basic inquiry into happiness what makes one happy? Priorities are questioned what we hold sacred, and why, is held up to the light. Spirituality versus religion, the importance of faith, the limits of man s knowledge and ultimately the nature of divinity is examined. Along the way insights from the likes of Bob Dylan and Henry David Thoreau are used to illustrate some basic truths. Succumbing to Ta Mo s unerring prodding, Mike s skepticism is soon vanquished. But more amazingly, Mike discovers that he is suddenly happy. Ta Mo succeeded. Now his mission is to share Ta Mo s astute insights with others. Ta Mo s Ancient Wisdom transformed Mike, let it transform you.
Be Happy Now.

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