History of the Wars

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Author  Procopius
Publisher  Cosimo Classics
Publication Date   May 1, 2007
ISBN  1602064458
Pages  596

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"The last major ancient historian, Byzantine scholar PROCOPIUS OF CAESAREA (c. 500┬┐565) traveled with the army of Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I as a military adviser, and chronicled the wars he fought┬┐this is the primary source today of information about the reign of Justinian I. Here, in Books I and II of the eight-volume History of the Wars, Procopius recounts the Persian War between Justinian and the Persian Empire, a fascinating retelling that includes extensive details of geography and thorough accounts of battles, political intrigues, and interpersonal dramas. Far from dry, this is a thrilling read, one that echoes of this still turbulent region today. Students of the history of the Middle East will be enthralled by this ancient work. "

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