The Assyrian& the Return of the Shadow of Degrees...

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Author  David Winston Busch
Publisher  Xulon Press
Publication Date   December 14, 2006
ISBN  1600346480
Pages  340

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The Return Series
This series is designed to give you a strategic grasp of God's program with Israel while addressing specific subjects that have either been neglected or not properly understood in mainstream treatments of these topics. These volumes deal with numerous details and layers of doctrine and are not intended as light reading. These are Bible believing materials designed for the more advanced student of scripture who is earnest about being a "workman" (2 Tim. 2:15). The reader should be prepared to confront and interact with a multitude of Bible passages in these volumes as the entirety of scripture is examined and the house of doctrine is progressively built.
Vol. II: The Assyrian
Building on the foundation laid in Appointed, this volume takes an even closer look at the details presented between the two bookends of Genesis and Revelation. It is particularly concerned with a deeper examination of the breakdown of the prophets, their visions and the ultimate destiny of particular regions who find themselves on a path that will inevitably lead them back to Babel.

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