The Vikings


The Vikings

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Author  Kenneth W. Harl
Publisher  The Teaching Company
Publication Date   February 17, 2019
ISBN  1598030698


Course Lecture Titles 1. The Vikings in Medieval History 2. Land and People of Medieval Scandinavia 3. Scandinavian Society in the Bronze Age 4. Scandinavia in the Celtic and Roman Ages 5. The Age of Migrations 6. The Norse Gods 7. Runes, Poetry, and Visual Arts 8. Legendary Kings and Heroes 9. A Revolution in Shipbuilding 10. Warfare and Society in the Viking Age 11. Merchants and Commerce in the Viking Age 12. Christendom on the Eve of the Viking Age 13. Viking Raids on the Carolingian Empire 14. The Duchy of Normandy 15. Viking Assault on England 16. The Danelaw 17. Viking Assault on Ireland 18. Norse Kings of Dublin and Ireland 19. The Settlement of Iceland 20. Iceland-A Frontier Republic 21. Skaldic Poetry and Sagas 22. Western Voyages to Greenland and Vinland 23. Swedes in the Baltic Sea and Russia 24. The Road to Byzantium 25. From Varangians into Russians 26. Transformation of Scandinavian Society 27. St. Anskar and the First Christian Missions 28. Formation of the Kingdom of Denmark 29. Cnut the Great 30. Collapse of Cnut's Empire 31. Jarls and Sea Kings of Norway 32. St. Olaf of Norway 33. Kings of the Swedes and Goths 34. Christianization and Economic Change 35. From Vikings to Crusaders 36. The Viking Legacy

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