A History of Ancient Greece in Its Mediterranean...


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Author  Nancy Demand
Publisher  Sloan Educational Publishing
Publication Date   March 19, 2012
ISBN  1597380458
Pages  400

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This exciting new edition of A History of Ancient Greece in its Mediterranean Context has been thoroughly revised and expanded to cover the development of Greece from the Neolithic through the Hellenistic periods from the point of view of its wider Mediterranean context. This approach is growing in popularity with Greek historians as archaeological evidence increasingly demonstrates that the culture and political life of Greece were not isolated developments, but rather formed an integral part of the wider Mediterranean world, shaped by seaborne interactions with other Mediterranean peoples, from the Levant to Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. The text retains its strong emphasis on the interpretation of archaeological evidence, original source material, and the introduction of the student to discussions of historical questions by noted scholars, as is demonstrated in a number of features that provide useful teaching aids: * Source Analyses * Websites * Extensive Footnotes * Map Exercises

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