Nuzi, Women's Rights and Hurrian Ethnicity...

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Author  H. C. Kim
Publisher  The Hermit Kingdom Press
Publication Date   February 1, 2006
ISBN  1596890509
Pages  220

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Nuzi, Women's Rights and Hurrian Ethnicity And Other Academic Essays is the first book in the Hermit Kingdom Studies in Identity and Society series. The academic research publication series seeks to examine the question of identity and its relation to society. The research publication project promotes creative new approaches to thinking about identity as well as a combination of traditional academic methodologies. Nuzi, Women's Rights and Hurrian Ethnicity And Other Academic Essays by Heerak Christian Kim is an excellent book that illustrates the scope and purpose of the new academic series. This book represents 15 years of active, professional academic research in correspondence with some of the greatest minds in the world in the field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, History of Christianity, Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Qumran Studies, and Medieval Studies. This book's concern with identity is reflected in studies such as the examination of the position of women in ancient Iraq, marriage in Qumran, and women's religious piety in the middle ages. Heerak Christian Kim has expertly achieved an interdisciplinary study of a great magnitude that is sure to be emulated by many others. Kim's erudition and writing is reminiscent of perhaps the greatest mind to have walked at Brandeis University - Professor Cyrus Gordon.

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