Ancient Britain

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Author  George H. Cooper
Publisher  Cosimo Classics
Publication Date   November 1, 2005
ISBN  1596054131
Pages  348

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Where is paradise located? George H. Cooper bold thesis in Ancient Britain is that the Biblical Eden is Salisbury Plain in England and that the streams of the Eden story in Genesis is the Avon River system in Wiltshire, England. He argues further that all the ancient stories regarding Eden and the doings of the gods revolve around the dramas enacted there by the ancient British, which culminated in the construction of the monolithic circles of Stonehenge. As evidence in support of this original thesis, Cooper discusses the monolithic structures of Britain, the Mounds of the Mississippi Valley, the relics of Mexico, and the Octimal Numeration invented by the author long before he had the slightest idea that it would become such a powerful factor in linking the religious culture of the East with the West. GEORGE H. COOPER also wrote Elementary Arithmetic of the Octimal Notatiion.

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