The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Middle Ages...


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Author  Timothy C. Hall
Publisher  Alpha
Publication Date   February 3, 2009
ISBN  1592578314
Pages  320

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Shed some light on one of history?s darkest periods.

The Complete Idiot?s Guide® to the Middle Ages gives readers the beginning, middle, and end of the era, starting with the fall of the Roman Empire in the year 550 and ending with the Renaissance in 1500? and covers some uncomfortable similarities between the so-called ?Dark Ages? and today?s ?modern world.?

·A fascinating, fact-filled book that delivers more than a thousand years of history in easy-to-understand chapters
·Many AP European History students are urged to read an overview of medieval Europe to aid in their understanding of modern Europe, and a number of high schools have adopted elective courses in medieval history
·Complete with a timeline, a who?s who, and guides to further reading and the Middle Ages in film

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