Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy


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Author  Partha Bose
Publisher  Gotham
Publication Date   April 14, 2003
ISBN  159240006X
Pages  288

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The chief marketing officer of an international consulting firm reveals how the strategy secrets of Alexander the Great can help you gain the competitive edge in today's tough business world.

He was the last military leader to successfully conquer Afghanistan-nearly 2,500 years ago. He built cities and cultures that still exist today. Perhaps the greatest military strategist, tactician, and ruler in history, Alexander the Great has been an enduring influence on world business and military leaders for thousands of years. Ted Turner keeps a bust of him in his office. General Norman Schwarzkopf credits his brilliant tactical strategies as the inspiration for his troops' approach to Desert Storm, including the "Hail Mary" flanking move that inflicted the final defeat on Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army.

His innovative strategies and winning philosophies (Aristotle was his mentor) are as relevant today as they were in 330 B.C., and Partha Bose presents an intelligent, well-researched examination of Alexander's life, draws out the lessons, and shows how they've been applied in today's business environment to:

o Build a successful organization
o Establish visionary leadership
o Create a winning philosophy
o Motivate others
o Overcome seemingly impossible odds
o Become an expert in the element of surprise
o Prepare for the unexpected
o Leverage your strengths to gain the advantage
o Know when to advance-and when to retreat
o Leave a legacy of lasting value

Full of in-depth, contemporary case studies that include Harvard Business School, Dell, GE, Wal-Mart, and The Washington Post, Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy combines thoughtful history with practical lessons for contemporary business success in a book destined to become a classic in its field.

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