China's Maritime Gray Zone Operations (Book published March


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Publisher  Naval Institute Press
Publication Date   March 15, 2019
ISBN  1591146933
Pages  352

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China�s maritime �gray zone� operations represent a new challenge for the U.S. Navy and the sea services of our allies, partners, and friends in maritime East Asia. There, Beijing is waging what some Chinese sources term a �war without gunsmoke.� Already winning in important areas, China could gain far more if left unchecked. One of China�s greatest advantages thus far has been foreign difficulty in understanding the situation, let alone determining an effective response. With contributions from some of the world�s leading subject matter experts, this volume aims to close that gap by explaining the forces and doctrines driving China�s paranaval expansion, operating in the �gray zone� between war and peace.

The book covers China�s major maritime forces beyond core gray-hulled Navy units, with particular focus on China�s second and third sea forces: the �white-hulled� Coast Guard and �blue-hulled� Maritime Militia. Increasingly, these paranaval forces, and the �gray zone� in which they typically operate, are on the frontlines of China�s seaward expansion.

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