The Wooden Horse

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Author  Keld Zeruneith,Russell L. Dees,W Glyn Jones,Russell L Dees W. Glyn Jones
Publisher  Overlook Press
Publication Date   October 23, 2017
ISBN  1590200411

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The Wooden Horse is a powerful, provocative, and engaging new workby perhaps the worlds most insightful and acclaimed historian of the ancient worldthat establishes the foundation of the Western worlds conceptions of society, philosophy, and poetry by tracing the processes by which consciousness evolved from its roots in the mother cults of Ancient Greece, with its attendant matriarchal mode of thought, to be replaced by a patriarchal world of laws with a religious counterpart in the Olympian gods.

By examining Homers great epic poems, The Illiad and The Odysseythe Wests most comprehensive picture of the heroic age, which documents the fact that the Trojan War stalemate was resolved through strategic thinking (via Odysseuss invention of the wooden horse) rather than brute physical superiorityKeld Zeruneith explores this fundamental paradigm shift, which constituted nothing less than the liberation of the modern mind.

With close analyses encompassing the poetry, drama, philosophy, and history of the ancient world, Keld Zeruneith casts a new light on our cultural ballast and provides startlingly original insight into the psychological forces behind the genesis of European culture.

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